about the artist 

Marie studied art at two University of California campuses, Santa Barbara and Davis.  The Santa Barbara experience was highly structured while Davis, where she received her degree, required the student to bring a lot to the easel.   After graduation, her life path veered from painting.  In the last fews years she has been able to once again focus on painting and is relishing the joy it brings to her life. 

Cezanne, Morandi, Kahn, to name a few, inspire her.  She owes much to  William Wiley, Jack Delany, and John O'Connor who patiently guided her early years.  More recently she has been influenced by various Northwest artists and has been  privileged to study with Barbara Benedetti  Newton. 

Her work hangs in private collections through out the United States.  She  had a solo exhibit at the Cheryl Sallee Gallery and has been juried into numerous Northwest group shows. She is a member of the Northwest Pastel Society, Auburn Valley Creative Arts,  EAFA, and Artist Trust.   

Marie  and her husband live in the Seattle area with their   goofy dog

 early morning beach